Each thirty-minute episode within the series centers around an honest personal journey told by an individual who struggles with a mental or emotional condition and includes on-location interviews with organizations who promote mental wellness and assist those who struggle with such conditions

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FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY AT 11:30 AM on park city Television

What people are saying

"Thank you! You're changing the world!" - Bart

"I love that you are doing this show!  It is such a positive statement for our community. Congrats!" - Fatima

“Congratulations! What an achievement.  I love that you are producing a new show about mental health!"  - Lynne

"I think it turned out great! I just want to thank you for supporting us in sharing our message. You did a great job!" - Megan

"WOW! That was really powerful! Conrad was so strong to go public with his battle and is still very strong to continue fighting the good fight!! You owe him a HUGE "thank you" for making your first show such a powerful one!! The follow up segments worked really well [with} the Conrad segment! Excellent show and excellent job!"   - PCTV Viewer

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