J.T. Holmes

Skier, Wingsuit Pilot, Airborne Sports Pioneer, Race Car Driver, Speed Rider & Stuntman



JT Holmes is a professional multi-sport athlete, and an award winning stunt coordinator and television Executive Producer. Jeffrey Taggart (“J.T.”) Holmes, Jr. is an innovative professional athlete who takes professional skiing, airborne sports and stunt performances to the next level.  For 16 years, J.T. has been at the progressive edge of the human flight movement, pushing the sports of skiing, Ski-B.A.S.E. jumping, skydiving, wingsuit flying, B.A.S.E. jumping and Speed Riding to new limits.  J.T.’s athletic career has segued into work with the motion picture business, commercial production, and public and corporate speaking.

J.T. has 32 years of skiing experience.  He has been featured in Warren Miller movies since 1995.  In addition to being a world-class skier and competitor on the Freeride World Tour, J.T. pioneered the sport of Ski-B.A.S.E. jumping which combines skiing and B.A.S.E. jumping to allow athletes to ski off of exit points that would be otherwise impossible, by deploying parachutes on jumps that can exceed 1,000 feet.  J.T. is now focused on Speed Riding, which is skiing while flying a small parachute that enables its pilot to ski where otherwise impossible and skim over steep formidable terrain with grace.

J.T. directs a program -- for the non-profit High Fives Foundation -- called B.A.S.I.C.S., an acronym for Be Aware Safe In Critical Situations, which is dedicated to awareness of the importance of developing prerequisite skills before undertaking adventures in the mountains.  J.T. supports The Shane McConkey Foundation, among other charitable causes.

 J.T’s hobbies include off-road racing.  The Holmes Racing team won 2nd place in the Baja 500 Class 7200 truck division.  J.T. is pursuing a pilot’s license.  J.T.’s sponsors include Go Pro, HEAD, Smith, Red Bull and Squaw Valley USA. He is a published writer, and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, Powder Magazine, and Men’s Journal.  J.T. earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada at Reno.  He lives in Squaw Valley, California.


In 2014, JT Holmes took on the unusual role of Executive Producer of a new action sports series THE LINE.  JT was sought by producers, Deerfield Media, due to the array of sports in which he is engaged, but, most of all, due to his professionalism, organizational skills and commitment to excellence.   In his new role as Executive Producer,  JT supervised the production of 42 hours of action sports programming involving athletes across many disciplines.   JT’s storytelling and incite abilities quickly garnered for himself and the series a Telly Award.  

Following the success of the first season, a second season of THE LINE was produced, as was a series offshoot entitled ATHLETE EXCHANGE: THE LINE, which was also recognized for excellence with another Telly Award.   Over 30 Athletes and Individuals with unique stories were featured in the combined productions with JT at the helm.  Interestingly, JT catered and cooked many of the meals served while filming on-location; a complete production company unto himself.

THE LINE and ATHLETE EXCHANGE: THE LINE have been successfully syndicated and can be seen nationwide in over 10 million television households, including on Nevada Sports Net, Altitude Sports and Entertainment, Park City Television and other select television stations throughout the country.

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