Wanna be on PCTV?

Wanna Be On PCTV?

Are you the owner or inventor of Utah's newest product? Are you a chef that has a line out the door because of your delicious treats? Does your band cause dancing far and wide? Well, Park City Television is the place to be seen and heard! If you're interested in booking an appearance on one of our live shows, shoot us an email to comments@parkcity.tv and let us know what makes you PCTV material!

Here's all the details you need to know

Interview or Performance Location: 1776 Park Ave. Suite 201 Park City UT We're on the same block as the Yarrow Hotel. Next to the Holiday Village movie theater. There is plenty of parking out front and an elevator if needed (we know all you bands out there appreciate this).

So when should I show up? What do I wear?

For product set ups, arrive 35 minutes early or earlier if desired. We have a 1.5 ft x 4 ft table available for use or you can bring your own. If using our cooking set, arrive 45 minutes early or earlier if desired. Note for cooking segments: You must bring all of your own kitchen items, spices, appliances, plates, etc. We have a stove top, counter space for prep, microwave and sink. If you don't have a product set up or cooking demonstration, arrive at least 20 minutes early.

Don't wear small stripes (they make our cameras really cranky). Do not wear tan or brown colors as that is the color of our set and you'll blend right into it. Come camera ready, we do not provide hair or makeup.

What else do I need to know?

During your interview, remember to project your voice more than you usually would and smile. If you're coming on for an interview we request that you bring some photos along with you (4-9 photos), or even a video if you'd like. Ideally you'd email these files to the host a few days before your appearance. If you have video or b-roll to share, be sure to know the timecode of what you'd like to air. Links are the best, but we can work with a DVD as well. If you want us to help you promote your social media or website, we need to know all those details prior to the show.

We're a band and we really want to play on Park City Television, what do we need to know?

Firstly, we want to hear your music! Send us your links, mp3s, youtube page, band camp, whatever you've got. We'd also like to see any live performances you've done in the past. Because we're a television station it is really important that you have stage presence!

You'll need to show up 2 hours before show time for setup and sound check.

We also require bands to sign a limited television release. What does this mean? Why do we ask for this? We like to post videos of bands from time to time, we like to add live performances to our youtube channel, and in order for us to promote your band on our station (and website/social media) we need this release. Please note that if your band does not sign this release we cannot allow for you to play on Park City Television. Please print, fill out and arrive with this form. Have questions? Let us know.

Music Release