(Courtesy Recycle Utah)

PARK CITY, UTAH – Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but used bras are something that can be reused and recycled – especially for women in transition. Recycle Utah has joined forces with The Bra Recyclers to provide the first drop off and collection location in Utah to benefit women in both the U.S and developing countries.

A division of Bosom Buddy Recycling®, LLC, The Bra Recyclers® are dedicated to collecting donations of gently used and new bras to donate to women in need. CEO and Founder, Elaine Birks-Mitchell stated, “This is our chance to directly influence the lives of deserving women by providing them with a simple lingerie staple, a recycled bra”.

For Birks-Mitchell, a lack of a clean bra to wear is a serious problem facing women across the globe. “We are excited about being able to do our part to assist women around the world by providing them with recycled bras. Our goal is to increase awareness about the value of recycling re-usable textiles, especially bras,” Birks-Mitchell said.

There will be a special collection bin in the office of the center located at 1951 Woodbine Way in Park City. You can also mail your recycled bras to Recycle Utah PO Box 682998, Park City, UT 84068. Although all types and sizes of clean, functioning bras will be collected, only certain ones will be re-used. The rest of them will be remanufactured into other products.

“From Recycle Utah’s point of view, it’s another step toward Zero Waste. We wanted to support reducing the amount of reusable textiles going into landfills and give back to women and girls who need a hand up not a hand out,” added Insa Riepen, Executive Director for Recycle Utah in Park City. This new program will continue throughout the year. Recycle Utah and The Bra Recyclers are researching local Utah women’s organizations and shelters to partner with.

About The Bra Recyclers
The Bra Recyclers is a division of BB Recycling, LLC based in Gilbert, AZ. They are a textile recycling company specializing in recycling bras and donating a portion of bras to deserving women in communities around the world. Established in October of 2008, The Bra Recyclers has expanded its support to 26 organizations around the country by providing them with recycled bras. The Bra Recyclers does its part to impact the environment by delaying the amount of unused bras/textiles that go to landfills, thus reducing the pressure on virgin resources.

For more information visit on The Bra Recyclers go to www.brarecycling.com or contact 480-988-2283 or info@brarecycling.com. You can also visit The Bra Recyclers on Facebook at www.facebook.com/brarecycling and Twitter at www.twitter.com/brarecycling.

About Recycle Utah
Recycle Utah is Park City’s only non-profit community drop off recycling center providing resource re-allocation for more than 40 different items and a variety of conservation and educational programs for Summit and Wasatch Counties. For more information about this and other reuse programs, please call Recycle Utah at 649-9698 or visit www.recycleutah.org.