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This has been an incredible year for film entries. The level of filmmaking reaches new heights every year. Hundreds of films have been submitted from all over the world.
Almost half of the films submitted were from outside the U.S.A. X-Dance is truly the premier event for International Action Sports Filmmaking!

The difficult part of this process is determining which films will make the festival. The competition was extremely high this year! If your project did not make the final list, it doesn't mean that your project was not a good film, it's just that we are very specific
in what we're looking for.  We judge all films equally on the basis of filmmaking
merit, not sport genre, sponsors or budget. The five categories we judge the films on are: Cinematography, Editing, Story, Music, and Action. Each of the five merits are
given equal value. The films that ultimately make it into the festival score well in
most, if not all, of the filmmaking categories, making them a good balance of story
and action. Films that were all action with no story, or any dialogue with the athletes,
fared the same as films that were all talk and no action. X-Dance believes that it is
this balance that will move the Action Sport Film industry away from the
"Action Porn", driven by the endemic industries, into legitimate filmmaking
recognition of a much broader scale. We have already seen great results for the
filmmakers that have participated in X-Dance!

This is the second year of expanding the X-Dance Festival to Salt Lake City. We have grown to the point where we needed bigger and better venues. The Sundance Film
Festival has moved a lot of its energy to SLC for the same reasons. Salt Lake City will
also put us more in touch with our core crowd and make it easier for everyone to participate. The O.R. (Outdoor Retailer) convention is also in town at the same time.
Our new venue is right in the middle of both O.R. and Sundance, by no accident.

Thank you from all of us at X-Dance for your incredible film submissions and the
passion that went into making them!  We look forward to celebrating your creativity
and the Actions Sports Culture with you at this year's X-Dance Film Festival.

Brian Wimmer
X-Dance Film Festival
Director / Founder

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