(Courtesy Utah Film Commission)

The Sundance Institute is excited to invite the Utah film community to participate in the FilterForGood Film Project!

The FilterForGood Film Project is giving people the chance to inspire short films to be developed by Sundance Film Festival filmmakers and see them launched at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. In partnership with the Sundance Institute and Sundance Channel, our sponsor Brita is asking YOU to share your stories about environmental challenges in your own communities. The top ideas will go up for a public vote, and the three winning concepts will be developed into short films to highlight these issues and help inspire change. Each filmmaker brings a unique style to the project, and on board are Jeremy Konner, Destin Cretton and Amy Grappell.

Winners will also enjoy a trip to experience Sundance firsthand and will spend time with the filmmakers during a VIP event to screen the short films. We hope you will share this information, as well as the link below to encourage participation.

Here’s how to enter:
● Go to www.facebook.com/BritaFilterForGood
● Submit a brief paragraph on the environmental challenge facing your community and why a short film would creatively inspire others to make a difference
● Submit an optional descriptive photo

It’s your turn to take the silver screen green: enter the FilterForGood Film Project on Facebook today!