Miller Motorsports Park has developed an affordable program to allow fans to take advantage of both warm summer evenings and America’s finest road racing facility. The second Wednesday of each month from May through September will be “Wide-Open Wednesday” (WoW), and will offer fans unprecedented access to the facility’s variety of racing venues.


The program, which kicks off this Wednesday, May 13, at 5:00 pm, is designed to allow fans to come out to the track after work and spend a few hours satisfying their need for speed at very inexpensive prices.


The main track will be open for fans to drive their street cars for $20. The track will be configured into a high-speed gymkhana, with traffic cone “chicanes” set up to keep speeds to a safe level, and cars will run one at a time. For those who always wondered what it would be like to take their car on a real racetrack, this is a very unique opportunity.


The Kart Complex will host, as it does every Wednesday evening throughout the summer, its “Five for $5” program, allowing fans to drive five laps for $5. This is a significant savings over the regular price of $22.50 for 10 laps. In addition, there will be a WoW Grand Prix kart league, with three weight-based classes to ensure a competitive field. Race day will consist of practice/qualifying, a heat race and the main event. Fees include a $20 license fee (one-time annual payment), $55 per event for Birel N-35 Rock Karts or $90 per event for Birel 100 cc Super Karts. Drivers will need to progress to the Birel 100cc Super Kart. Prizes will be given each week to the winners, and at the end of the year to the overall point leader. Although it is a five-race league championship, drivers have the option of competing in as many or as few races as they prefer.


Perhaps the most fun for the money will be the “Buck a Run” autocross. A cone-marked autocross/gymkhana handling course will be set up in the paddock, and fans can drive it in their street cars for $1 per run. Test your skills against the clock, and find out if you missed your calling as a professional racing driver!


Motorcyclists can test their abilities on the Motorcycle Skills Course. Similar to that employed by the Utah State Patrol Motors, this low-speed handling and agility test can vex even the most experienced riders. This, like the autocross, will be available for only $1 per run. There will be competition among classes, and monthly prizes awarded.


For off-road enthusiasts, Miller Motorsports Park’s new seven-acre Off-Road Course will be open. Fans can bring their four-wheel-drive vehicles and test their skills and their vehicle’s capabilities on the amazing variety of terrain and surfaces for only $20 in the “Off-Road Ruckus” program.


Finally, if you’re tired of driving or riding, or just want to come out and enjoy the ambiance, the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum will be open for tours at no charge, giving fans the opportunity to see some of the most historic racing cars in American history and one of the world’s finest collection of street and racing cars associated with the legendary Carroll Shelby and Ford Motor Company.


“Larry Miller’s vision for this facility was to make it available for average enthusiasts to come out and have fun with their cars and bikes, just as much as the professional racers do,” said Miller Motorsports Park President and CEO Dan Davis. “The Wide-Open Wednesday program will do exactly that, and we hope everyone will come out and enjoy this magnificent facility the way it was intended.”


Wide-Open Wednesdays will run from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Subsequent WoWs will be June 10, July 8, August 12 and September 9.


For information regarding Miller Motorsports Park, call 435-277-RACE (7223) or visit the track’s website at