You know, we do a lot of interviews during the festival and we get a lot of big names - Sir Anthony Hopkins, Kevin Spacey, Paul Giamatti, Ashley Judd - but for some unknown reason, Sam Rockwell keeps finding ways to avoid us.

Two years ago, I had an interview scheduled with him - just him and me - to talk about the craft of acting and the two films he had at the festival that year.  The day before it was scheduled, I got the word that he decided to leave Park City early and wouldn't be doing it.
This year, he's in another couple of films -- that I'm not going to name now -- and once again, I had him booked to come in and be interviewed.
The first film scheduled, then cancelled right before the festival.  The second film scheduled, re-scheduled and now just cancelled once again, apparently because they couldn't find a way to get him the mile from Main Street to our studio.
Please see: Patton Oswalt - "Why Aren't You In A Limo"  for a possible solution to this vexing problem.
I have always been a big fan of Rockwell, and his goofy, quirky takes on roles, but sometimes, enough is enough.