The other day, I was up skiing at Park City Mountain Resort when I decided to come through the terrain park. I came off a kicker and saw someone lying on the ground in obvious pain. Now, a number of people had already ridden past him and not done anything, so I decided to stop.

When he said he wanted me to get ski patrol, I made a mistake. Rather than stay with him and send someone else, I left him there and skied down to get some help. Here's what I should have done according to Jared Winkler, from Brighton Resort:
If a guy is down someone could hit the same feature and land on them and then cause two accidents or make the first one worse. It is always wise to stay and stand in front of the feature to close it. Then send someone to get ski patrol.

I'm sure this has happened to a number of people before, so I wanted to offer a solution. Below are the contact numbers for all the Utah resorts. Enter them into your phone RIGHT NOW, because I guarantee that you'll forget to do it when you get to the resort itself.
In most cases, the number listed is for the main switchboard, they'll transfer you to ski patrol, so you can tell them exactly where you are and the situation.
I wondered about calling 911 for serious problems, and whether a remote dispatcher would know where to send help , and here's the answer I got from Alta Resort:
The 911 call centers have the direct numbers to contact area ski patrols, if a call comes into them they will contact us. For instance, a 911 call in Alta or Snowbird goes to Alta Central and they would dispatch the appropriate team. For example Sta. 113 (Snowbird Fire and Rescue) for a fire or medical in a lodge or restaurant facility off a parking lot. Snowbird or Alta Ski Patrol for something on hill.

If you see someone who needs help, stop and call for it, but remember - ONLY CALL IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY!!! Don't call ski patrol asking them how the snow is. Don't call 911 if you tweaked a knee and need some help getting down the mountain.
Just like going into the backcountry, "Know Before You Go" is a good message as well as "Be Prepared." Take the five minutes now, and it will save you valuable time in a situation where you might need it.
The Canyons 435-615-3322

Deer Valley 435-645-6800

PCMR 435-649-8111

Alta 801-359-1078

Brighton 801-532-4731 X 0

Snowbird 801-933-2222

Solitude 801-536-5753

Powder Mtn 801-745-3772

Snowbasin 801-620-1000

Wolf Creek 801-745-3511

Sundance 866-259-7468

Beaver 435-753-4822

Brian Head 866-930-1010