Whether you choose to watch dogs run or run for yourself, there will be a couple things to keep you occupied in Park City before the kickoff this Sunday between the Giants and the Patriots. On Saturday, the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race, the largest dog sled race in the lower states, will be in Park City. Although the professional race will not be held due to snow conditions, the mushers will be at the venue with their dogs. The races started in Jackson Hole, Wyo. and has moved through Big Piney/Marbleton, Alpine, Kemmerer/Diamondville, Evanston, and Lyman/Mountain View.

Cumulative race times so far put Blayne Streeper in the front spot with an overall time of 16:42:30--a 15 minute lead over Aaron Peck.

You can meet the mushers from 10 - 12:00 on Satuday morning at the Park City Ice Arena. The Junior Musher Race will be at 12:00

As for Sunday, lululemon Park City will be hosting a Super Bowl 5K Fun Run to get your blood pumping before you indulge on all that junk food during the game. The run will begin at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. The best part? It's free and open to anyone! Just meet in front of the Maxwell's at 1456 Newpark Boulevard.

So what'll it be? Watching dogs pant it out or are you going to get out there and do a little race yourself?

Have a great Superbowl weekend!