Whether skiing or snowboarding, you want to enjoy yourself safely and comfortably during your adventures on the snow. The clothing choices you make, before heading to the mountain, are essential. Layering is a great way to keep yourself warm. Thin layers are best because they won't weigh you down but can still provide warmth if made with the right material. Some people choose to wear thermal underwear since they can wick away sweat from the body while also providing warmth.

Stay away from wearing cotton. Cotton will absorb any moisture available and hold onto it which will keep you cold and also dehydrate your skin. Wool and synthetic materials are best to wear for warmth.

Water-proof ski pants are a necessity since you will be surrounded by wet snow. A water-proof jacket isn't necessary unless you're in a wet climate. In Utah,  a wind-proof jacket is recommended.

Don't forget to wear socks! Again, thin socks are better, In reality, wearing multiple pairs of thick socks will not only make you colder but also make your boots fit improperly which can make it difficult to "shift".

And of course, ski gear like gloves, goggles and ski caps or helmets are good additions to any snow ensemble. However, accessories like scarves may be best left at home. There is a risk of injury if a scarf or similar item gets caught on ski lift machinery, another person or trees.

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