There are so many misperceptions about teens in Park City - that they're all spoiled rich kids who spend all their time partying. Anyone who has spent time outside of the high school at the end of the day surely sees that is not the case. There is a great diversity in the student body (well, at least by Utah standards), and if you actually spend time talking with some of these kids, you see that the stereotype is a distinct minority.

Earlier this year, PCHS student Kylie Murrin came to PCTV with a proposal - she wanted to point a camera at her fellow students to showcase all the things they are involved in: music, sports, volunteering. Her new segment "PC Teen on the Go" is going to be an occasional feature on our live shows for the rest of the school year. Murrin develops the story ideas, films and edits the features, so if you really want to see what local kids are up to, tune in.

She's also created an accompanying website, which includes a pledge other teens are encouraged to make, promising "to be actively involved in our community in order to make Park City a better place!" So far, 60 kids have already signed up.

Sometimes, it's nice to hear positive stories for a change.

With football season in full swing now, here's another group that spent the summer practicing hard for the Friday Night Lights -- the band.