So here's my day for today:  woke up early (7am) so that I could be one of the presenters at the Park City High School book awards.  The top 10% of the junior class gets to name their most preferred school, and then PCHS volunteers match them up with local alumni to provide them with a book that has some meaning/relationship to the that school.

It's always a nice event, with reps from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Bowdoin, Brown, MIT, Cal Tech and more on-hand.
From there, I raced home to pick up Ilana and take her to day care (after the requisite play time with her trains and reading 4-5 books).
Dropped her off and headed to Rio Tinto Stadium for a feature on "what do professional soccer players get out of practice?"  That part was interesting, but the best section was that I got to run through some drills with Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman, Nat Borchers, Will Johnson and Chris Wingert.  We played a little 4 v 1, did some passing, juggling and then some shooting.  I wasn't terrible, so at almost 40, my brief run with a professional soccer team fulfills a lifelong dream.  And let me tell you, playing on that immaculate turf at Rio Tinto was awesome.  We have great fields here in Park City, but that was like running on a manicured golf course green.
Now I've got some interesting guests to interview for the show (Abby Stokes -, then it's off to the Egyptian Theater for Park City Follies rehearsal.
So in case you've ever wondered what I do all day, there's your answer.