Earlier this year, it was announced that the Western Governors Association would be holding its annual meeting here in Park City.

The thought that Arnold, Sarah Palin, Jon Huntsman and company would be hanging out on Main Street definitely had some appeal, but after contacting a number of governors to arrange interviews, it appears that the economic situation in the country means that taxpayer-funded junkets to resort towns (even for official government business) are not seen as prudent.
Alaska is sending a staffer from their D.C. office.  Nevada says they can't afford the WGA dues.  Arizona isn't coming.  Heck, we're not even sure whether Gov. Huntsman or Lt. Gov. Herbert is going to be here.  I'll update later on which gov's will be coming, but it looks like the big names might be taking a pass.
It's a shame as they're all going to miss the great Park City 125th birthday celebration, with a concert by Sam Bush on Main Street.