Travelers who are planning a vacation to Utah
have a new online tool to help them create their own travel itineraries.
 The Utah Office of Tourism has launched a new Adventure Planner on its
consumer Web site to make it easier for leisure
travelers to access information on Utah.  Visitors to the site may click
on Planner at the top of the home page or visit the following link:  The Planner allows users to put together
their trips using a database of information compiled from the Utah
Travel Guide, which can also be found on the site.
“Utah has one of the most user-friendly and functional travel
sites on the Web and we believe that travelers planning their
itineraries will find the site an indispensable travel planning tool,”
says Leigh von der Esch, managing director of the Utah Office of
Tourism, an agency of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. 
The new Utah Web feature addresses an increased demand for
online travel information and a need for the state to find efficiencies
in its operations and postal budgets.  Between 2000 and 2008, leisure
travelers report growing usage of the Internet to obtain information and
pricing to make reservations, according to the 2008
Ypartnership/Yankelovich National Travel Monitor.  In 2008, 64% of
leisure travelers report they used the Internet to obtain travel
information, compared to only 35% in 2000.  In addition, 56% used the
Internet to make a reservation in 2008 versus 19% in 2000.
“Out-of-state travelers no longer have to wait for printed
materials to arrive in the mail, which includes international visitors
from new markets who are coming to our national parks, ski resorts, and
other attractions in growing numbers,” adds von der Esch.  
Visitors to the site can search tourism-related information by
location, including city or region, and things to do.  The Planner
divides the state into three sections:  Northern, Central, and Southern.
 The location categories include:  Cities, National Parks, Wilderness
Areas, Recreation Areas, Scenic Routes, Monuments, and Resorts.  For
activities, visitors to the site can choose from:  Outdoor Adventures,
Arts and Culture, Accommodations, and Dining and Nightlife.  The
information can be downloaded, printed, or e-mailed to friends and
family.  The results also show the seasons that the activities are
The Adventure Planner was developed by Struck in Salt Lake City,
the Utah Office of Tourism’s advertising agency, which also created
the state’s winter “Life Elevated” campaign that will be launched
on cable television channels across the country, on local stations in
Los Angeles, and on targeted Web sites in early November to promote
Utah’s ski product and “The Greatest Snow on Earth®.”
Utah is a year-round destination with five national parks, seven
national monuments, two national recreation areas, six national forests,
42 state parks, and 13 world-class ski resorts.  To contact the Utah
Office of Tourism, visit us online at or call (800)
200-1160 or (801) 538-1900.