It is now time for homeowners and businesses
along the Wasatch Front to stop watering lawns and gardens for the year.
 That’s according to the Utah State Division of Water Resources that
cites Mother Nature for helping ease the late season watering schedule. 
Last weekend’s storm totals, in addition to the wet weather and colder
temperatures for the upcoming weekend, are making it unnecessary to
water lawns anymore this year.
The division recommends that businesses ask their landscape maintenance
contractors to turn off their sprinkler systems.  “Each fall, we
receive calls from people complaining that local businesses are still
watering even though it’s cold or raining,” said Division Director
Dennis Strong.  “Turning off the water now will save our precious
water resources in our reservoirs and aquifers for next season.” 
Turning off sprinkler systems now and getting them ready for winter will
not only save water, but will also save energy and money.
The Division of Water Resources promotes the orderly and timely
planning, conservation, development, utilization and protection of
Utah’s water resources.