So there I am, driving my daughter to daycare this morning, when I see a road cyclist spinning up Hwy. 224. He's got his helmet hooked over the handlebars in the manner of a true professional, so I give him a glance as I go by - the face looks familiar, but, no, it couldn't be him, could it?

With stop lights slowing me up, he passes by again - yes, I really think it could be him.
I get to the Mariott Summit Watch plaza and park the car, thinking he'll cruise by once again, I stand by the road, calling out "Hey Floyd!" as he rolls up. He stops.
Yes, de-frocked Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is riding through Park City.
Apparently, he's been here for a week or so doing some training rides to prepare for the upcoming Tour of Utah as part of Team OUCH, and says that he's really enjoyed it here.
How much of a bike geek am I that I can recognize Floyd at 25mph? Still, we chatted and may go grab a beer later.
I love living in Park City, where this sort of thing happens all the time - Olympic gold medalists, NFL/MLB/NBA Hall of Famers, etc. can be found at random times.