The 6th Annual Community Coat Exchange promotes principles of community and reusing
the day after Thanksgiving.
Every year people all over the United States spend the day after Thanksgiving getting ready for the holiday season by patronizing retail businesses for gift buying. “This event focuses on concerns about the ecological and psychological consequences of our consumer culture and the impact of our consumerism on society,” states Deanna Taylor, founder of the Utah event.
The Community Coat Exchange, patterned after a similar event in Rhode Island, is a collection and distribution of winter coats and other winter clothing items. The event is held every year the day after Thanksgiving from 10am to 2pm at the Downtown Salt Lake City Library Plaza.

Taylor reflects about last year's event: “Each year this event grows. What makes it all worthwhile is being able to give coats away to folks from all socioeconomic levels. It is truly an event bringing all community members together.”
This year the Coat Exchange has gone coast to coast: Several organizations around the country have organized Coat Exchanges patterned after Rhode Island and Utah's events, from as far away as Kentucky and as close as Oregon.
People have been bringing donations to several Community Coat Exchange Partner/drop off centers.

Coats can be dropped off at any of the drop off centers before Thanksgiving. People can also bring their coats to the event itself.

At the event, no questions are asked: If you need a coat, come get one. If you want to exchange a coat, bring the coat you want to donate and take one in exchange. If you have a donation of coats, we know people who can use them.

Left over coats are donated to the Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store, a project of the Crossroads Urban Center which advocates for low income and homeless people. The Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store gives clothes away to low income people and also sells clothes and other goods in its retail shop to the general public to help fund the Crossroads Urban Center programs.