I'm still not sure anyone cares whether this blog is updated or not...it is the veritable tree falling in the forest. Perhaps that's because it isn't updated very often, perhaps it's because it's even rarer that I make anything close to an amusing comment, geek reference, or show naked pictures of celebrities.

Whatever...here's the latest, with some possible comments to come...

MV May 28-31
MONDAY: Memorial Day - UNPLUGGED Repeat
TUESDAY: Jenny Mackenzie, Director, KICK LIKE A GIRL
WEDNESDAY: Terry Mitchell Nani, Utah Pride Festival; Musical Guests: Paul Green School of Rock Music
THURSDAY: Swaner Nature Preserve; Recycle Utah; Musical Guest: Egan's Theory
UNPLUGGED: Summer Activites Preview

MV June 4-7
MONDAY: Park City Mayor Dana Williams
TUESDAY: Nick Como, Solitude Mountain Resort
WEDNESDAY: Summer Events from Div. of Wildlife Resources
THURSDAY: Mountain Biker Pua Sawicki