Park City School District bus driver Richard Eddington is the state's top shuttler of school kids after winning the Utah School Bus Safety Road-E-O this past week. He'll represent Utah at the international championship in St. Louis (really, bus drivers from Japan, Germany and France are coming to St. Louis for a competition? Do the English drivers import their own right-hand drive buses for the event?).

Details from PCSD:

Richard Eddington won top honors in this year’s Utah School Bus Safety Road-E-O held at Alpine School District earlier this month. He took first place in the Expert Division and goes on to represent Utah at the International School Bus Driver Safety Competition in St. Louis this July. Tauna Anderson took third place in the Intermediate Division. The competition includes a written test, a vehicle inspection test, and a behind-the-wheel skills test requiring the driver to maneuver a bus through 12 challenging obstacles.

Richard Eddington.jpg

Rich Eddington

“I think it is really neat to win the State Road-E-O and that it brings good, positive, press for bus drivers. I also think that there are plenty of other drivers who could win the competition but did not give up a Saturday to do it. We have some amazing, talented, professionals in our district and all over the state,” said Rich.

The Bus Safety Road-E-O not only allows bus drivers to showcase their skills and abilities, but it also provides them an opportunity to demonstrate to the public their professionalism and dedication to pupil transportation.

Rich has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah. He has driven school buses for 10 years and worked in Park City School District since 2008 as the bus driver instructor. When not driving a school bus or instructing school bus personnel, Rich can often be found photographing weddings, engagements, and families. Rich is the owner of Rich Images Photography.