It is pretty easy to get around most places in Utah, as a very simple grid system is in place.  Yes it has its quirks, such as calling 300 - 3rd, 1000 - 10th, etc.  And I have some issues with the center of the grid being the church in each town (church-state issues anyone?), but once you figure it out, it makes finding a house or business pretty straightforward (unless you're in Orem-Provo, where suddenly the numbers start going the other direction when you cross the border).

Of course, a bigger problem is in places like Emigration Canyon...
"It was a flip of a coin," recalled Cynthia Mathews, project manager for the UFA station. "Was it going to be up the canyon or down the canyon?"

Just think of all the address change cards those folks will have to fill out...ugh.