Did you see all that white stuff this morning? If not, head to the mountains. The ski resorts were positively dumped on this weekend, raking in at least a couple feet of snow.

What that means? Fresh powder! And that means excellent skiing conditions!

So bundle up, grab your skis or snowboard and head to the nearest mountain resort ASAP to taste some of that snowy goodness. This may be one of the last chances this season to get some really good fresh powder.

Wait, what? It's Monday and you're supposed to work? What is this madness?

As Mountain Morning Show host Dain Craig says, "Call in well and say see ya tomorrow!"

That's right--don't call in sick because it's likely your goofy grin will give you away tomorrow. Instead, call in well and say you need a personal day. With this mild winter season, odds are this will be the only good snow we'll get in a while. And with the sunny weather this week, it won't last very long.

Our Mountain Morning Show crew also has a couple tips on how to head to the mountain instead of the office...

Now your boss may notice if you take a five hour lunch, but surely they will understand that you probably live in Utah, the land of the world's best snow right?

If all else fails, beg and plead. Who would want to miss out on all this powder?

Good luck and enjoy the new snow! Remember the sun screen and drink plenty of water!