There is a excited calm in the air, as everyone here at Park City Television gears up for the inevitable chaos that will soon commence with the Sundance and Slamdance film festivals starting tomorrow. Boxes line the halls as swag items are carefully organized and bagged to be distributed to guests of Park City Television. E-mails have been flooding in, only a trickle going out as staff maneuver and finalize Sundance 2014 plans. This week Sundance Film Festival insiders, filmmakers and upcoming musicians will be in house to talk about the festival, events and upcoming projects. We will be exploring the Sundance Film Festival this year not only as the event swirls around us, but as we navigate through the festival experience. As we interview: actors, directors and musicians we will share with you our unique experiences and content making Sundance 2014 the most transparent festival to date. Sundance season is here at Park City Television so tune in your TV to Comcast 17, 102 over the air on channel 45 or online free streaming at ParkCity.TV/livestream -charge your smartphone, plug in your computer and experience the 2014 Sundance Film Festival with us.