Shameless promotion dog Ginger (the world's most beautiful vizsla), will be participating in Strut Your Mutt again this year, raising money for No More Homeless Pets in Utah. Just the other day, she sent out a letter to all her friends asking for's what she wrote (yes, she's a very talented dog).

Hi-- Mom is busy with Ilana getting her to go to bed in that cage on sticks, and dad is not home, so I thought I would sneak in here and send out a note to everyone while they aren't looking. I've been practicing my typing skills and I think I'm getting a hang of this thing but I have to say... I prefer the old fashioned bark approach to getting out my message.

Anyway, as you may have heard (or maybe not because everyone is just "so busy" around here... *sigh*) I am doing Strut Your Mutt again this year ( Last year they made me take the year off because they went off to southern Utah for a little vacation and left ME at HOME! Grrrrr......Woof! So this year I said "Hey! We are going to do it again and now we have to raise even more money because you know what? Last year we didn't raise any!" I'm shy, but I have certain things that are super important to me and finding homes for other dogs... and yes, cats... is one of those things. That and teaching my puppy Ilana about philanthropy. (I know "philanthropy" is a fancy word for a dog, but I actually have quite a vast vocabulary. I mean, I AM a vizsla!) (And yes, I know they call Ilana my sister but HA! she is definitely my puppy those crazy people) So I signed us up. (Ilana thinks I am fun to pet and use as a pillow- See how I'm smiling for the camera? We were both having tummy time)

So here is the deal-- On Saturday, May 19th we will go down to Salt Lake City and participate in Strut Your Mutt. Last year someone raised a lot of money and my goal is to beat them and raise over $2000 this year. I know it's a ton of money to raise but I know Lori and Ori have lots of friends so I am hoping you will help me out with a contribution. I have friends, too, but many of them are dogs and so far people don't accept butt sniffs as currency. So silly.

All the money raised goes to support No More Homeless Pets in Utah ( Even though they aren't the organization Ori and Lori adopted me from (4 years ago this Labor Day!)that was I support them because their goal is to make Utah a "no kill" state. That means that NO adoptable dog or cat will get "put down" (ie- euthanized--they don't fool me with their alternate terms!) but that it will be adopted to a forever home instead! A No-Kill state! Isn't that cool?

I admit- it isn't a hard walk or a long walk. Well, it's a little hard for me because I'm so shy but I always rise to the occasion. But it IS an important walk! And I really want to get Ilana started early in understanding how important it is to give back to the community in various ways. I'll let mom and dad teach her about giving back to the people community, but I want to teach her about giving back to the animal community, too. Plus, those lazy bums Lori and Ori need to get out and exercise themselves and ME more! Or Ilana is going to be a lazy little girl and no one will ever take me for a walk. And I LOVE walks!

So... I am asking that you help me out but donating any amount you can. A $100 donation gets a dog or cat adopted into a forever home; $50 gets a dog spayed/neutered; $20 gets a cat spayed/neutered; Any amount gets my eternal gratitude!

It's really easy to donate. Just go to and you can donate online! Or if that scares you, you can send a check made payable to No More Homeless Pets in Utah to my house (drop me a line if you need the mailing address). You can also feel free to pass this on to friends who might want to donate. This year they have sort of a Wizard of Oz theme, so I am trying to figure out what my costume will be. I don't want to be like everyone else so I'm not going as Dorothy or Toto or even the Cowardly Lion (because it is a cat, afterall!). I think I might go as the yellow brick road but I haven't figured it out. Do you have any ideas?

Ok-- so again--

** The walk is Saturday, May 19th. I need all donations before then, please. I'd like them by May 17th.
** You can donate at or mail me a check and we can take it down.
** We can't let those other people show us up! One guy has already raised $876!!!! (check out to see what other people have raised) His goal is only $1500 and I know we can beat that with your help.

So come on! STRUT with me in spirit! HELP me teach Ilana the beauty of giving back early. MAKE Lori and Ori get up early in the morning (HA! HA! Even Ilana lets them sleep later than this will!) SUPPORT No More Homeless Pets in Utah.

See Ginger. See Ginger Strut. Strut, Ginger, STRUT!

I thank you in advance. I think I hear dad coming home so I better get back to my chair and look all innocent like I haven't been up to anything.

Thanks! WOOF WOOF!

-Ginger Hoffer