It's coming -- the end of the ski season is nearly here. Nearly all of Utah's ski resorts will be closed when this weekend comes. As much as it pains us, we will have to store our ski and snowboard gear here soon. The question is: what's the best way to do that without ruining our equipment?

Let's start with your skis and/or snowboards. First off--simply clean your skis or snowboard by wiping them down and remove any rust that may have developed during the season. To prevent rust and dust, put a thick layer of wax around edges and bases after they are clean. The best way to avoid any distortion or damage of your skis or snowboard is to store them in a rack that holds them upright from the tails (especially for skis), preferably avoiding walls. Try and avoid dangling your skis or snowboards by their tips as that can distort them. Resting them against walls can lead to dull edges and possibly falling equipment. Remember to remove the bindings from snowboards. If you want, you can cover them with a towel, newspaper, plastic wrap, etc., to keep your equipment dust-free. Store them in a dry location away from high temperatures.

You should treat your boots with special care post-season too. Take our your boot liner if possible and give it a thorough wash in the sink with a gentle detergent. Febreze can be your final touch. Let the liners air dry completely before replacing them back inside the boots. For Salomon products, a gentle cycle of a machine wash with mild soap is recommended. Do not dry with heat. Once the liners are clean and dry, put them back in the boot. If you want, place crumpled up newspaper or paper towels inside your boots to absorb odor and moisture.

As for the clothing you wear on the mountains... You really want to wash down anything you've worn while venturing on the slopes. Dirt and salt can cause more stains and damage the longer it's left on your clothing. Use detergent meant for outdoor gear when washing your ski clothes so you don't remove the waterproof coating. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them in a bag or closet. Woolen gloves, scarves and other accessories should be stored with moth balls.