Recycle Utah and the Green Building Center will sponsor a “how to” workshop on Solar Hot Water Heating on Tuesday, November 4th from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Green Building Center,1105 Ironhorse Drive. Registration for this free workshop can be made by calling Recycle Utah at 649-9698.

Bill Wilson of Utah Solar & Alternative Energy will discuss the mechanics of solar hot water heating systems, system costs and incentives and rebates.

“With the number of sunny days we have in Utah, solar powered hot water heating makes dollars and sense,” said Insa Riepen, Executive Director of Recycle Utah. “Many homeowners have hydronic heating systems already, making conversion to solar a real option.”

Solar hot water systems have two main parts -- a solar collector and a storage tank. A pump or gravity system moves the heated fluid between the collector and the storage tank. The heated water is used for culinary purposes, showers, laundry, and floor heating.

“Solar hot water systems can radically reduce the carbon footprint of a home or hotel that is heating driveways for snow removal,” Ms. Riepen said. “The cost of investment is offset by federal and state tax credits.”

In addition to the Solar Hot Water Heating Workshop on November 4th, residents can find out how to retrofit a home with solar technology, by visiting the Green Building Consumer Trade Show, Saturday, Nov. 8th from 10 am to 3 pm at The Canyons Grand Summit, sponsored by Recycle Utah and the Park City Board of Realtors Environmental Issues Committee.

To register for the free workshop and for information about the trade show call Recycle Utah at 649-9698.