This just in from Park City Municipal Corp.


As of June 27, Park City Municipal is declaring a Stage I Drought. Per the City’s Water Code, when demand exceeds 85% of source capacity, a Stage I Drought is in effect. The current 85% mark is 8.3 million gallons per day. Unfortunately, we are there.

Compliance with the preservation measures in Stage I is voluntary, but vital. Citizens should be aware, however, that no more warnings will be issued for violating the water ordinance, only citations.

Preservations measures include:

· Strict enforcement of the current watering ordinance.
· Reduction of outdoor water use by limiting lawn/landscaping irrigation to every third day at reduced clock times (at least 5 minute reductions per cycle).
· Limit vehicle washing (including City vehicles) and sidewalk/driveway washing.
· Shut down ornamental fountains and ponds that do not recycle water.
· Limit filling/refilling swimming pools.
· Cover pools to reduce loss of water through evaporation.
· Stop serving water in restaurants unless requested by customers.
· Reduce landscape watering at City facilities and parks.
· Reduce use of water in City operations.
· Customers in hotels/motels being asked to conserve water during their stay.

**A Stage II Drought can be declared when demand reaches 90% of current source capacity (currently 8.8 Million Gallons per day). We have seen jumps of 1 million gallons in a day, so a Stage II drought is quite possible. Stage II and Stage III requirements are quite severe and could include no outside watering at all. Please do what you can to Slow the Flow!!**

For Additional Information contact:
Myles C. Rademan, Director of Public Affairs and Communications