So nearly two weeks in, and I've still only done 8 of 20 combinations, but I am finding new ways to tweak my favorites.

DAY 9: Super casual day - with the short sleeve t under the b2 LS snap shirt with jeans. I really like the way the citrin color of the t-shirt contrasts with the steel blue of the snap shirt. Another feature of the jeans that I have to comment on is that they have pockets big enough for a guy to hold keys, wallet & phone without them climbing out with every step like so many of my "skinny" jeans do.

DAY 10: This is where I think men have it tougher than women when it comes to an experiment like this, especially in a place like Park City, where ties are verboten. Men just don't have as many options for accessories. Women can wear different necklaces, bracelets, big colorful belts, etc. Men have ties and that's about it. So today, I broke down and put one on - a metallic red that offset nicely with the black and gray shirt/blazer combo. Just for fun, I also added a colorful lapel pin from designer Jordan Halverson to give it a little more pop. In addition, I combed my hair differently, which tends to be what people notice first - not that I'm wearing the same clothes every day.

DAY 11: Flip-flopped what I wore on Day 9, putting the t-shirt over the snap LS. Another great feature of the snap LS shirt is that with a 5-snap placket, you can vary how the shirt looks greatly depending on how many snaps you use. Today it was 3, leaving a fold-down polo-length collar.

A quibble with the snap LS shirt & the t-shirt - while they don't have tags up at the neck, they do have them on the side at the bottom (washing instructions, etc.), and they are stiff enough that they poke a little into my side.

Oh, thanks to the folks at The SIOL Collective ( for putting me on the front page today! Cool!