Day 4: short sleeve t + vice blazer + S cargo pant: I think the blazer is my favorite item here. It's a recycled polyester that feels like a natural fiber. The military inspired look and slim cut is fantastic. Beyond that, there are all sorts of little details that make this a great item. 1) the cuffs have a slight extension on them to cover your wrists when you're riding your bike with this jacket on. Why would you do that? To look super stylish with your fixie, you silly hipster. The cuffs also are adjustable with 2 buttons to choose from. 2) There's a small zipper pocket in the rear, sized for a small U-lock, so this has been designed for active wear. 3) The collar can be folded down as it is here, or popped - again, good for riding on cool days - there's even a tab button to keep it closed.

Day 5: b2 ls + S cargo pant. Standard "casual Friday" sort of look. Popped the collar to show how this is a good baselayer for those cool mornings or days out skiing.