So after noticing last week that I hadn't gone through every possible combo yet, I've been forcing myself to pick out unworn outfits instead of just my favorites.

DAY 17: Again, Mr. Casual with the short sleeve t + b2 LS snap + cargos

DAY 18: free range stripe + jeans with a twist -- a silver tie. This isn't the greatest shirt for a regular width tie, the collar just doesn't hold up. Perhaps a retro-riffic skinny tie would have worked better here.

DAY 19: b2 LS snap + vice blazer + jeans. When I first saw all the items in person, I wasn't sure this shirt would go with the blazer, but with the little fold-down collar that has the contrast trim to the shirt, it actually works quite well.

DAY 20: short sleeve t + free range stripe + cargos. First time to wear the upper half combo with the cargos.

DAY 21: Utah just got pummelled with a couple of feet of snow, and since I hadn't worn the short sleeve t + cargos yet, I put that on. You'll see an UNAUTHORIZED ITEM in the picture - a sweatshirt from my closet because it was damn cold in my house and I didn't feel like wearing a blazer around the house on a chilly Sunday. Here's where the SIOL experiment can break down - sometimes you just need a sweater.