Pretty quiet over the weekend (for me, the weekend starts on Friday because I have no show to do, so I don't have to shave, and can be a little less put together). Anyway, here's how it went

DAY 12: b2 LS snap + S cargo pant
DAY 13: b2 LS snap + regular straight jean
DAY 14: short sleeve t + regular straight jean

DAY 15: short sleeve t + vice blazer + regular straight jean
Another reason I love, love, love this vice blazer. I've worn it loose, with a few buttons up, and then today, buttoned all the way up to the neck. Note that it *has* a flap button at the neck, so when the wind is blowing, you can get even more protection from the elements. And because the buttons match on either end, it still looks great. Some may say it's a bit too Sgt. Pepper-y, but even so, military style is in right now, so who cares!

I really need to do a better job of mixing the combos. I've worn some of them three times and others I haven't done at all. Despite that, the only comment I've gotten has been from my 4-year-old who said to me "Daddy, you wore those pants yesterday!" Funny thing was, I hadn't!