We're now three weeks into this experiment and I will admit, I'm starting to get a little bored with what I have. While I love each of the items from Nau - they're comfy, look good, and are holding up great despite lots of wear and multiple washings - I miss the color and brightness of my old wardrobe - which has lots of bright blues, pinks, and other rainbow colors.

I needed to spice things up, so I invited my friend, Salt Lake City-based fashion designer Danny Nappi to come in on the show with some ideas on how to accessorize when you've gone back to basics.

So one combination - short sleeve t + vice blazer + cargo pants with three totally different looks with the addition of a scarf and/or hat.

As if that wasn't enough versatility, I actually wore the entire outfit under my ski clothes earlier in the day for my first runs of the season at Park City Mountain Resort (http://parkcitymountainresort.com). I felt like James Bond when I peeled off my ski coat and there was a blazer on underneath - it did a great job of keeping me warm, and wasn't restrictive despite the slim cut of the jacket.

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