So the National Sheriff's Association convention is in town this week, and normally, coverage of an event like that would be minimal from the local media, but yesterday, embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales popped in for 30 minutes to speak to the convention - and that was enough to spark a veritable frenzy of activity from the Salt Lake press corps.

Keep in mind that he didn't do a press conference, didn't take questions, and was in and out of the state faster than you could say "congressional investigation." That didn't keep every TV station, newspaper and radio station from covering his speech.

Here at PCTV, however, we like to look at a broader picture. Knowing that he wouldn't really say anything earth-shattering, we chose instead to interview David Paulison, FEMA Administrator, and find out what sort of changes he's implemented since Katrina, and if they're ready for another hurricane season.

We also sat down with John Clark, head of the U.S. Marshall Service to find out how his agency has adapted to a new role since 9/11.

Did any other stations even think to talk to these two? With the potential for significant wildfires in the state and a tragic shooting during a prisoner transfer one day earlier, both men had important messages for Utahns.

Sad that the local press acted like sheep and merely followed the herd, rather than breaking out, and searching for news their viewers could use.