Do you have some radical video footage of you and your friends doing some amazing sporting feat - snowboarding off a 40-foot cliff, mountain biking in Moab, kiteboarding in Hawaii? Do you want it showcased for the whole world? Send us a copy on DVD or MiniDV and we'll get it up on XZone - Park City Television's signature show, rated the No. 1 sports show in Utah.

Now, the rules (you knew there would be rules, right?):

  • If you want to send us an edited piece (2-5 minutes), any music you use must be cleared by the artist or be royalty-free. If we recognize the song you choose, it probably isn't cleared, so either choose something else, or send us proof that you have the rights to use the music.
  • If you send us either raw or edited footage, note that we retain the rights to edit what you send us, either for time or for content.
  • We're not sure when we're going to use this, but we will contact you when it's ready for air. If you want your footage back, please send a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope with your submission.

Where to submit your footage:

Park City Television XZone Submissions PO Box 2877 Park City, UT 84060