The Leonardo to Host BODY WORLDS -- Most Successful Traveling Exhibit Ever

University Health Care Signed on as Presenting Partner

SALT LAKE CITY, June 4, 2008—Beginning September 19, Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS 3: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies & The Story of the Heart, the largest-ever science exhibit to visit Utah, will be at The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City for a limited engagement. The exhibition is presented by University Health Care.

BODY WORLDS 3 will span almost 20,000 square feet and includes more than 200 specimens. Over 25 million visitors in 47 cities across Asia, Europe, and North America have seen BODY WORLDS since its debut in Japan in 1995.

“Again and again, Utahns have shown that we want, and deserve, the same type of world-class, educational and cultural opportunities as other major world cities,” said Mary Tull, executive director of The Leonardo. “We are honored to bring BODY WORLDS 3 to our community, and expect a tremendous response.”

“We are thrilled to present the BODY WORLDS experience in Salt Lake City,” said Dee S. Brewer, assistant vice president of marketing for University Health Care, the exhibit’s presenting partner. “This unique exhibit is a fantastic opportunity to observe the intricate systems at work inside each of us. We believe Body Worlds visitors will leave inspired with a greater appreciation and respect for their body.”


Tickets for BODY WORLDS 3 at The Leonardo are available immediately at, or by calling 1-888-695-0888. Admission prices are $22.00 for adults (ages 19-64); $19.50 for seniors (65+) and students with ID; and $16.00 for children 3 to 18. Special rates for schools and other groups of 12 or more apply.

About the Exhibition

BODY WORLDS 3 &The Story of the Heart is organized according to the major systems of the body, including the locomotive, nervous, reproductive, digestive and cardiovascular systems. The exhibit also features a special presentation on the heart, revealing through the lenses of anatomy, cardiology, psychology and culture how this four-chambered muscle nourishes, regulates and sustains life. Through the life-like and dramatic poses of full-body specimens and detailed presentation of organs and body parts, guests gain profound insights into the structure and function of healthy and unhealthy bodies.

BODY WORLDS 3 specimens, both organs and whole-bodies, have undergone Plastination—von Hagens’ groundbreaking method of halting decomposition and preserving the body after death for medical study, which he invented in 1977. During Plastination, all bodily fluids and soluble fats are replaced with reactive resins and elastomers such as silicon rubber and epoxy, through a vacuum process. After gas, heat, or light curing, the specimens assume rigidity and permanence. “The purpose of Plastination from its very inception was a scientific one, to educate medical students,” said Dr. Gunther von Hagens. “But the interest that laypeople had in the plastinated specimens inspired me to think of creating public exhibitions, which was followed by the realization that I had to offer a heightened sense of aesthetics, to avoid shocking the public and to capture their imagination.”

The striking whole-body plastinates in BODY WORLDS 3—people who in their lifetimes donated their bodies for Plastination for the express purpose of educating future generations about health—allow viewers to see inside the staggeringly complex and interconnected network of muscles, tendons and blood vessels that make up our bodies.

"BODY WORLDS 3 is a collaboration, a joint quest towards enlightenment between donor, anatomist, and visitor,” said Dr. von Hagens.

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About The Leonardo

The Leonardo is an educational center fusing science, technology, and the arts in experiences that inspire human potential for creativity and innovation in Utah and beyond. Inspired by the spirit of creativity that guided Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, The Leonardo will be part of Library Square, an emerging civic and educational center that already draws more than three million visitors a year. Visit for more information.