Utah Pride Center's 41st annual festival attracted thousands of people from all over the nation to celebrate in downtown Salt Lake City over this past weekend. This festival had a different feel to it than in years past. Huge crowds created more of a buzz and excitement than I can remember. Regardless of my personal view it was great to be apart of it and to see Utahans support one another.

Sunday's Parade has always been the highlight of the weekend long festival. Here are some of the highlights from the parade.

We were one of the first floats. Waiting to get things going

Katie understands

Skip to your own beat

The crowds were supportive, loud, & having some fun!

The crowds were amazing!

Stacks on stacks.

Our float driver didn't just drive in a boring straight line... We added some extra turns to the route and got extra close to the onlookers.

High five!

There weren't just humans celebrating, many four-legged friends joined the festivities.

Floats from the parade

Whats a parade without a king & queen.

Mormons for Equality

Utah Educators for Pride

Utah Arts Alliance

Salt Lake Acting Company

Squatters Craft Beer

The Litas, this was a loud group that was having some fun.

Matrons of Mayhem float

AdvancedMD Pride

To our crew who is the best in the business! Great work