Schlittentag probably isn't a term you are familiar with. In German, it means "sledding day". However, Red Bull describes it as “daredevils willing to propel themselves down a snow-covered hill and over a jump on a sled they built themselves”.

If that sounds like you, you should participate in the Red Bull Schlittentag at Canyon's Resort on March 31st!

PCTV's footage of last year's Red Bull Schlittentag can give you a taste of what it is.

Basically, this event involves teams of three people who race homemade sleds down a hill and over a jump to try and win. It's up to the teams to create the fastest and craziest sleds they can. One person will ride on it during the race while the other two give it a good shove.

Teams wanting to participate this year have to pre-register in advance on the Red Bull website.

There will be a one-hour registration period on March 31 starting at 10:30. The race starts at 12.

Following the race, Canyons Resort is putting on a live concert headlining singer-songwriter Martin Sexton. The opening act is Monophonics. The concert starts at 4 p.m.

So do you think you can create a sled that can win the Schlittentag? Register now!

If not, there's nothing wrong with showing up for what's sure to be an entertaining spectacle!