(Courtesy Recycle Utah) “Every type of ski, every ski pole, every ski boot, helmet and goggle ever made by man is either hiding in storage or buried in the landfill.  Wherever it might be, it’s still around.  It’s not going anywhere. It’s not biodegradable.“ says Insa Riepen , Executive Director of Recycle Utah.

Recycle Utah is starting up the fall program to collect and recycle snow sports equipment on October 1st through November 27th.  While reuse is always better than recycling--think Ski Swap-- there comes a time when skis are no longer safe to use, when poles are totally bent and helmets are not safe to wear.  It’s time to get rid of the stuff.  Recycling this equipment is only possible at Recycle Utah.

In 2008 the SIA, Snowsports Industries America, started a recycling program in Colorado.  Recycle Utah has combined resources with the SIA and is offering this Snow Sports Recycling Program in Utah.

The fall collection drive will run from October 1st through November 27th, 2011.  Drop off your skis- any type with bindings, ski poles, ski boots with liners, helmets and goggles, as well as snowboards and boots at the drop off center at 1951 Woodbine Way.  There is no charge to drop off. A donation of $1 per item is appreciated to cover handling costs.

Recycle Utah will collect the equipment, separate all items and cut some of it to fit into shipping containers.  All materials will be shipped to Waste-not, a Colorado firm, to be shredded into fine particles.  This material will be used as a core product for future skis, decking, flooring and even furniture.

The goal of the SIA’s program is to fight climate change by working with specialty shops and suppliers to keep equipment out of landfills.  Recycle Utah will gladly accept any amount of equipment during the fall program.

Respect your gear.  Protect your planet.  It’s easy to start recycling your old equipment now.

The Snow Sports recycling program began in Denver Colorado collecting from five storefronts. The program has thrived and accumulated over 300 tons of equipment since 2008 leading to a reduction in environmental impact, conservation of natural resources and the initiation of sustainable design.

Recycle Utah is Park City’s only non-profit community drop off recycling center providing resource re-allocation for more than 50 different items and a variety of conservation and educational programs for Summit and Wasatch Counties.  For more information on how you can become a donor, bin sponsor or volunteer, please call Recycle Utah at 649-9698 or go to

- SnowSports Industries America Recycling Program