Recycle Utah announced the winners of its prestigious Recycler of the Year Awards at the community recycling center’s annual meeting and awards party on Tuesday evening, November 18th.

Park City 333 Main Development LLC, owners of “The Mall,” have won Recycler of the Year in the business category, the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District had won Recycler of the Year in the government category,  and Rodney Scott , Snow Park Lodge Food & Beverage Services Crew Leader, Deer Valley Resort, has won Recycler of the Year in the Individual category.

Twenty business tenants in The Mall at 333 Main Street recycle all their business and customer-generated materials in a comprehensive recycling center located in the basement of The Mall.

The service is provided free of charge. “No tenant’s rent or association fees for common area maintenance went up as a result of this added service, “ said Scott Graves, Mall Facilities Manager. “As a company, we didn’t see that the cost of recycling made much difference to the bottom line compared to doing the right thing.”

According to Stu Nachlas, owner of The Green Machine that recycles all the commodities, tenants recycled 17 tons of cardboard, 14 tons of glass, 3 tons of paper, 2 tons of plastic, 1000 pounds of metal, 750 pounds of aluminum, 300 pounds of Styrofoam 75 printer cartridges,  60 pounds of light bulbs, and 150 batteries.

“These numbers are admirable and go a long way to show the commitment of Main Street businesses to the environment and to keeping recyclables out of our landfills,” said Insa Riepen, Executive Director of Recycle Utah.

The Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District (SBSRD) established a sustainability team to implement measures designed to reduce costs, save energy and recover resources.

In discussing their initiatives, maintenance superintendant Paul Caine said, “We have raised our standards because we know we are living in an area that has high standards.”

The SBSRD has purchased 163 blocks of wind power from Rocky Mountain Power. Timers and motion sensors have been installed on exterior lighting and rest room lighting.

The District, which maintains athletic fields, recreation trails and landscaped areas, composts green waste, uses native plants, has installed smart watering systems and switched to organic fertilizers and contaminant-free bark for playgrounds.

In buildings the SBSRD uses recycled content paper towels, office paper and carpeting made from recycled material. Recycling has expanded from the office to competitive events such as the Girls’ Softball Tournament.

The Recycler of the Year award also goes to an individual who has exhibited truly admirable devotion to sustainable practices.

Recycle Utah honored Rodney Scott for his tireless work implementing and improving Deer Valley Resort’s recycling program.

            “Rodney Scott has been instrumental in making the partnership between Deer Valley and Recycle Utah successful,” said Shannon Beglin, Operations Director of Recycle Utah.

In the past year, Rodney and his crew have delivered about 50 tons of recyclables to Recycle Utah.  “Rodney is always positive and looks for ways to make the recycling effort run more smoothly,” said Julie Kalar, assistant to the president. “Deer Valley is proud to have Rodney on its team.”

Recycle Utah’s Educator of the Year was awarded to two teachers. Kerry Lambert, Science Teacher at the South Summit Middle School, has been instrumental in helping the nonprofit to develop 7th and 8th grade lesson plans in advanced recycling and wind power. He spearheads the classroom recycling program at the school.

Treasure Mountain Middle School teacher Meghan Zarnetske won Educator of the Year for inspiring students to make presentations on recycling and for starting a Green Team at the school.

            Recycle Utah members elected four new members to its Board of Trustees. Linda Karz, a master gardener and staff member of the Green Building Center, was elected to a three-year term.

Sean Wharton was elected to a one-year term. As owner of the Gateway Grill in Kamas, Wharton has founded The Happy Pigs program, a food waste recycling program that turns restaurant waste into nutrition for pigs.

Julie Kalar, assistant to the president at Deer Valley Resort, was elected to a one-year term. She has advised Recycle Utah on partnership operations with the resort’s recycling program. Duane Schmidt, mayor of Coalville and principal of the Humpty Dumpster waste hauling firm, was also elected to a one-year term.