Happy Presidents' Day! How many of you hit up the slopes today since you had the day off? Did you know that Presidents' Day was originally celebrated as George Washington's birthday?

Not only that, but it wasn't even considered a holiday in the 17th century. During Washington's lifetime, it was celebrated as his birthday which was actually on February 22. It wasn't until 1885--long after his run as president--when it became an official holiday. Now it's celebrated on the third Monday of every February.

Washington is the only president whose birthday is a federal holiday. However, Abraham Lincoln's birthday (Feb. 12) is usually celebrated in conjunction with Presidents' Day even though it was never a designated federal holiday.

With some people even today, it is tradition to celebrate Presidents' Day with some kind of dessert containing cherries or just cherries alone. Remember that Washington wouldn't tell a lie to his father if he cut down a cherry tree or not? That's what that little tradition stemmed from.

Presidents' Day is used a government holiday, giving most government workers, banks and mail carriers a break for a day. Not all businesses offer it as a day off. Maybe one day that will change, but who knows?