Yesterday was an amazing powder day throughout Utah.  Whether you hit the Cottonwoods, Park City or the Ogden Valley, you were treated to nearly 2 feet of fresh snow -- in late March no less.

I was able to get up to Deer Valley and here are some of my thoughts:
1)  Sometimes your iPod can betray you.  You may know that I have in the past been a big foe of skiing with headphones, with the idea that you're out in the mountains, you should let nature be your soundtrack, but on a couple of instances this year, the iPod has been a lot of fun to have as a ski buddy (since I usually go by myself).  Today was not one of those days.  
I borrowed my wife's Nano as the battery on my 1st Gen 5Gig model is down to about 90 minutes of effective time, as I know she has this great'80s box set on it.  Unfortunately, the timing was always off so that I ended up skiing to songs like "You Look Mahvelous" and "Pac Man Fever" and riding the lifts to the rocking songs that get you going.  
2)  They say there are no friends on a powder day, but I saw so many people digging for popped off skis, it reminded me of why that really shouldn't be true.  I lost a ski when I dropped into the Daly Chutes, and thankfully it stayed right on top of the snow, but I don't even want to think of how my day would have turned out if I'd been hacking through the pow for 30 minutes looking for a ski.
3)  The scariest runs of the day were the ones on the ridgelines before dropping into the actual runs.  With howling winds and blowing snow, coupled with bumped out lines, those runs were pretty frightening.
4)  Speaking of the winds, my chin is still rubbed raw from all the snow and ice that built up at the top of my jacket.  Ugh.
5)  I told a lot of people that yesterday I skied like Obama bowls, but that's not really true - I was going down a number of double blacks, and while I did take some falls, I was skiing on terrain that the majority of folks wouldn't think of tackling.
6)  The powder skirt on your jacket doesn't work if you don't actually tighten the cords.  Oops.