Spring migration is now underway.  From mid-March until June, elk, deer, moose and other wildlife will be on the move to find more favorable feeding grounds.  After the females give birth, many herds will begin their annual trek, crossing in the same places year after year.  Young fawns will follow their mothers, and usually several animals may cross the road at the same time.
The most dangerous time for collisions is between dusk and dawn.
During these peak periods, please be alert and drive with caution.  Migratory corridors (animal crossings) are found on I 80, US 40, SR 224, SR 248, SR 32, SR 189, on county roads in Browns Canyon, and on River Road to Midway.  Our region has the highest rate of vehicle/animal collisions in the State of Utah, often resulting in injuries to passengers, thousands of dollars of vehicle damage, and sometimes death—both animal and human.
If you would like more information about the Wildlife Protection Society, please contact Jackie Fehr at 435-615-8309, or visit their website at www.wildlifeprotectionsociety.com.