Whenever times get tough here in Utah, state legislators like to target "low-hanging fruit" - like the vast amounts of tax revenue generated by Park City.  Second-home owners pay the full property tax rate, while primary residences get a discounted rate.  With so many second homes that are in the million dollar plus range here in Park City, Park City schools see a bigger revenue stream than other districts.  With the legislature unwilling to put limited funds into education, they are trying an "end-around" with so-called "equalization" measures.

Want more info?  Here's an update from the Park City Education Foundation (PCEF)...
As some of you are already aware, there is legislation being considered that will have a serious impact on Park City School District.  The proposed legislation, HB66, effectively siphons $7.8 million from our District's M&O budget and redistributes it to other districts.  $7.8 million is the equivalent of losing 100 teachers in our district.  18 other school districts are also negatively impacted by this legislation. 
PCEF worked with a couple of concerned community members to develop a website that has the most up-to-date information on the status of the bill, reasons why this is a bad bill, and how it effects our district.  It also provides legislature contact information.
If you are interested in getting updates on HB66 please visit the website and click the "get involved" button. 
Here is the web link: http://utahnsforeducation.com