The Sundance Film Festival this year has fallen during the biggest snow we've seen this season. That doesn't stop people from going for a run up Main Street just a few days after the storm. What will this crazy weather bring us next?

Say hello to the furry boots! Our very own Jen Hardman and guest musician Natalie Gelman wore matching boots Tuesday morning while Gelman serenaded us all during the Mountain Morning Show.

Love Free or Die director Macky Alston and the object of his documentary, Bishop Gene Robinson, came by the PCTV studio to promote their U.S. documentary entry for Sundance. Robinson is "the first openly gay partnered person to be consecrated a bishop in the three largest high church traditions of Christendom" and this documentary follows him through three years of that journey.

Park City TV has also been hitting the streets--Main Street in particular--interviewing directors, actors and visitors. Keep an eye out for them if you're out and about!

Also along Main Street, you may find some musicians. A pianist has been seen as well as singer-songwriters like the one pictured below. So now you can have lovely music to shop and people watch to while wandering around Park City's hot spot for Sundance.