And so here we go with the top 5 performances on PCTV (at least based on the number of views on YouTube). There have been a lot of great artists who've been on the show, but these have really resonated. #5 - Back-to-back in the top 10, here she is again.

[tubepress video="6pTCKMRY3XU"]

#4 - One of my all-time favorite songs from John Waite (guilty pleasure), covered by Tyler Hilton.

[tubepress video="0YlW1CT8I8U"]

#3 - Originally with K's Choice, this  acoustic performance by Sarah Bettens still gives me goosebumps when I hear it.

[tubepress video="AyFgC0XVAlk"]

#2 - Funny story - Bareilles was so shy that she didn't want us to put her photo up on the flat screen TVs. Now she's one of the celebrity judges on NBC's "The Sing Off" and just co-hosted the Today show. Go figure.

[tubepress video="8ctKH9GCbRg"]

#1 - Colin Hay said our studio reminded him of the early days of MTV. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

[tubepress video="SuXLElEDEKI"]