Park City Television is excited to bring two fresh faces to the screen this fall. Terry Burden and Portia Early will be co-hosting "Mountain Views". The live show airs Monday through Thursday at 6:00 pm and replays at 11:00 pm. Viewers can expect the duo to provide an exhilarating local themed show, filled with current events, live music, arts, culture, politics and sports. Terry Burden:

A lifetime of interest and participation in the arts, performance and media has delivered Terry Burden to the soundstage of PCTV's Mountain Views. After playing in bands and acting on stage and in film as a kid, Terry launched a career in corporate finance following MBA studies at Vanderbilt University. Despite becoming immersed in the intricacies of Intellectual Property valuation, his attention never wandered far from any stage that would have him and he began to dream of a way to utilize both his formal education and his passion for mass communication. "Its tough to pursue two major paths at once; through my association with PCTV I'm incredibly fortunate to get to work on stories that feed the business side of my brain and give me the joy of meeting fascinating people and telling their stories. This position is a journey of discovery; I want to share my excitement of being a Parkite with viewers each evening."

Portia Early:

Portia was born in Burley, ID and has lived in Salt Lake City since She was two years old. Her parents immediately "threw" her on skis and frequented Solitude and Park City Ski Resort which she loved every single minute. She went to Skyline High School and competed in board diving and drama meets, and performed in theater most of het life and graduated as a theater major from Westminster College. However in 1992 she met a few commercial radio DJs at a KLC Castings, a former Utah talent agency which resulted in a 15-year career as a radio jock. She is mostly known for being the host for Live and Local on X96 promoting local musicians for about eight years. "I still acted at City Rep and Desert Star Playhouse in the 90s and if I get the opportunity I’d like to take the stage again. I got to act for two local artists' music videos this year, which I’m a little surprised that I’ve never asked to be in any until now." She was a regular guest on Mountain Views since 2005 promoting local musicians and music events, and now look, she's the new co-host with Terry Burden!