So I just did the final tally - assuming my guests come in tonight and tomorrow morning, PCTV will have done 77 filmmaker interviews and had live musical performances from 23 artists/bands.

Some other fun facts:
-Busiest days: Tues. Jan 26 - 13 Filmmakers & Sun. Jan. 24 - 5 Bands
-Tallest Guest: Reggie Miller (6' 7") and Cameron Rafati (6' 6")
-Most Interesting Side Job: Reeve Carney, lead singer of Carney, will debut the role of Peter Parker in the Broadway musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" (Dir. by Julie Taymor, music by Bono & The Edge)
-Odd Moment: Adrian Grenier asking for a toothpick or floss - and I actually had a pack of to give him one (Producers toolkit item # 17)
-Wildest Moment: "Bjorn Magnusson" of 'The Wild Hunt' (Slamdance Audience Award Winner) stomping around the set as part of our interview