Park City TV certainly started things off with a bang and plenty of laughs from Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the creators behind Tim and Eric's Billion $$$ Movie. They were in the studio for In the Can to help promote their film but were directing even our own cameras. We've been Rango-ed!

Megan Burtt, an award-winning folk singer-songwriter, also came into Park City TV to give us a taste of her music with her acoustic guitar and smooth vocals on Sundance Soundtrack.

Take a look at the opening night party with J.R. on Festival After Dark. He got a chance to speak to Chris Waddell, the star of The Movement, the Stella Artois girls and plenty of people visiting Sundance for the first time. Can you guess the number one word to describe Sundance? Watch the video to find out!

Let's not forget the Red Carpet moments... Here are some words from the cast and crew from premiering films Wish You Were Here, Hello I Must Be Going and The Queen of Versailles.

Hello I Must Be Going stars Melanie Lynskey and Christopher Abbott along with director Todd Louiso swung by the studio for a chat during Mountain Views.

Stay tuned to Park City TV for everything Sundance every day during the festival by checking out the Park City TV youtube channel.