So you already know that PCTV has won 3 Emmy awards over the last two years, and we could talk about the pile of RSN Arc Awards, Utah Broadcasters Association UBEEs, or Society of Professional Journalist awards that we've won (13 this year, 2nd most of any TV station - take that KUTV, Fox 13 and the rest of you - except KSL), but perhaps the most exciting news out of the station is that former PCTV staffer Josh Greenbaum just took home a coveted Golden Popcorn award at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend.

Josh used to direct the morning show, XZone and In The Can before leaving for USC film school. Since starting there, he won the Coca-Cola Filmmaker Award and now this MTV Best Filmmaker on Campus prize, so we can look forward to seeing his name on a marquee soon.

I had the pleasure of doing a couple of really fun pieces with Josh - our PCTV Investigates series on sheep riding and snow dancing were winners, so I know he's got the comedic chops to make it in the real world.

I only hope that he doesn't forget us back here in Utah, and that maybe this will be my chance to get discovered.

-- MTV Movie Awards video clip