I love the sport of tennis - I love playing, I like watching it, and occasionally, interesting stories on the sport come our way.

Earlier this year, we did features on Judge Andrew Valdez's Tennis Mentoring Program out of the juvenile court in Salt Lake, and on a One Up-One Down doubles program which pairs wheelchair tennis players with able-bodied players.

Turns out, the Utah Tennis Association really liked what we did and nominated us for the Media Excellence award given out by the USTA Intermountain Section, (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming) and we just found out we won!

Now the Intermountain region nominates us for the National Media Excellence award, which I believe is given out at the U.S. Open...now that would be something special.

Here's the features in case you missed them earlier...

And an earlier piece I did on an 85-year-old national champion